“WO•LA has been a game changer for me and my family. For years I have wanted to work out with my girls and they have been turned away.  At WO•LA we are all welcome and we have a blast!”

~Lauren B.
“What sets WOLA apart from the rest is the authentic and friendly people, instructors who take the time to truly know you, and an overall atmosphere that feels like family. WOLA genuinely makes working out fun!”
~Mary-Ellen D.

“This amazing program of heart pounding classes, pushes me to strive for more, and I’m in the best shape of my life. More importantly, the real sense of community and a fitness family, always leaves me feeling uplifted. I love coming to WOLA everyday knowing I’ll be embraced by Craig and his fantastic team.”

~Jenny L.

“Worn from work and three kids, I struggled to find a fitness destination that fit in with both my schedule and my personality. WOLA is the perfect mash up of athleticism, community, and fun. After just 45 minutes, I’ve listened to good music, worked out every muscle of my body, and have a clear head to tackle my day.  Someone else has designed a well balanced and thoughtfully timed work-out- so for once, Im not in decision making mode- I JUST DO. I simply love it.”

~Meritt E.
‘WOLA is my home away from home. After every work out I feel not only physically stronger, but more motivated toward building a healthier lifestyle for myself. Each of the instructors have a personal level of connecting with you and motivating you in a way that other gyms don’t have. I feel and can see a change not only in my body, but in my mindset. I look forward to working out every morning, even if it’s at 6 am… thank you WOLA!”
~Jacqueline H.

Slide FITNESS FOR ALL We are a boutique fitness studio in the heart of Los Angeles that offers a variety of 45- minute, small group high energy workout classes for adults & youth.

WOLA was created for everyone of all ages to move their bodies under one roof. Our dual studio setup offers a separate space for youth (6-12) and adults & teens (13+) to enjoy their workout.

7944 W 3rd St, Los Angeles 90048 | (323) 452-9748  |

7944 W 3rd St, Los Angeles 90048 | (323) 452-9748  |