WOLA Performance Academy (WPA),  aims to improve athletic performance in youth. Our program is a 8 week session focusing on improving agility, core, speed and body fundamentals and is applicable across a myriad of athletic pursuits for ages 8+.

During the 8 week program we will focus on the following 4 key areas to ultimately improve your child’s confidence and ability around Speed & Agility:

1. Acceleration/Deceleration: Improve first step in drive phase, and control body at top speed to make cuts for change of directions.

2. Explosive Lateral/Rotational Hip Power: Improve ability to move laterally and turn hips to correct positioning for maximum power.

3. Reaction and Focus: Improve ability to react to different stimuli. Training the mind to focus on task and react without hesitation

4. Core and Ankle Stability: Improve core strength and ankle strength to help provide more balance while moving. Key to injury prevention

To sign up email: team@wolafit.com